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doctorseyes Professional Ring Lights System
realtooth system
ring- & wing lights
power & light controller
dental mirrors
chin support

The doctorseyes realtooth concept

With the unique realtooth concept (patent pending), you can determine how much reflection you want to have on the tooth surface. By turning a lens mounted in front of the doctorseyes ringlight, you take away all reflections. As this can look unnatural in the final picture, the photographer can deliberately add reflections with the Winglights.
With the simple press of a button, the degree and positions of the reflections can easily be changed.

This concept gives you an enormous advantage compared to conventional ring and twin flashes. As you have a continuous light source, you can evaluate the picture and the reflections on the tooth surface while taking the shot, not afterwards. Furthermore, you can define position and degree of reflection yourself – no other ringlight system can offer this option.

Try out the effects of the realtooth system with our simulator.

  • Advantages of the doctorseyes System:
  • Shadow-free illumination during intra-oral and macro photography
  • Evaluation of the picture while composing
  • Reflections can be seen in advance, avoided and even deliberately defined
  • Color temperature in daylight quality (approximately 6500 Kelvin)
  • Defined light environment result in constant results
  • Fits all digital cameras, video cameras and microscopes
  • Longevity of LEDs
  • Very economic since LEDs consume very little energy
  • Adaptable to various dental mirrors
  • Chin support for defined distance and steady pictures

dental photography
See and find out!

Test our online simulator here
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