dentaleyepad2 vs. dentaleyepad3

Learn all about the differences between the dentaleyepad2 and the new dentaleyepad3.
Width, weight, functions, assistants and much more.

dentaleyepad-2-2dentaleyepad2 dentaleyepad-3dentaleyepad3
Width in mm294 mm 241 mm
Weight 670 g477 g
Resolution sensor 13 MP 13 MP
USB PortType AType C
Automatic adjustment of all image parameters such as Light scenario, exposure method, white balance -yes
Auto Smile (automatic image series with different light scenarios) -yes
Quick start function (when removing the dentaleyepad, the camera app and the QR code scanner are started automatically) -yes
Light Guide additional Leds show the user which keys are currently relevant -yes
New service app enables automatic updates, upgrades and installations at customer level -yes
Auto off function (the dentaleyepad switches off automatically when not in use) -yes
Battery care program increases the lifetime of the battery -yes
Improved scanning function, automatically turn off the light when scanning -yes
Light saving function (modeling light turns off automatically when not needed). -yes
Break assistant The workflow can be interrupted at any point, patient data and workflow position are saved and can be displayed again when the system is switched on again -yes
  • new ergonomic handle. The special feature: Whether large or small hand, the dentaleyepad fits comfortably in the hand and all relevant keys are easy to reach.
  • the shutter release button is now placed on the back, just like on a classic camera, and can be operated with the index finger
  • All keys have now been completely implemented for left and right hand operation
  • The operating concept has been improved (only one On/Off button, only one battery)
  • The docking station now also optionally transfers data automatically. No WLAN required
  • Docking station is a completely new development with 1/3 smaller footprint and improved ergonomics during parking
  • USB-C compatible

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