doctorseyes clearbright photo mirror

doctorseyes presents a new dental imaging mirror that outshines everything that has gone before. Due to the new ultrabright coating, reflection levels of almost 100% are achieved for the first time.

Properties of our mirrors:

  • Front mirrored photo mirror with 3 mm thickness
  • with clearbright coating
  • extremely smooth float glass
  • almost 80% reflection
  • 80% color fidelity
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Temperature resistant up to 300° C
  • high scratch resistance
  • with autoclavable silicone handle
  • dental spiegel clearbright 12 draufsicht

    Photo mirror 12 occlusal 65 mm clearbright

    Width 65 mm, front-mirrored photo mirror with 3 mm thickness, with clearbright coating, extremely smooth float glass, almost 80% reflection, 80% colour fidelity, corrosion-proof, temperature resistant up to 300° C, high scratch resistance, with autoclavable silicone handle

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