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Velscope Camera Kit

velcope camera kit
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VELscope camera solution kits

As the official solution provider for intraoral photograpy we present the VELscope camera solution kit which enables you to attach the VELscope oral cancer screening system to a camera of your choice. Whether you use a digital SLR camera, a SLR-like camera or a point and shoot camera we try to give support for achieving best possible image results with the VELscope.

The following three cases could be possible:

  1. You do not have a digital camera, or you want to buy a new one for dental use. In this case we would like to recommend a complete compact solution to you.
  2. You have a digial SLR Camera:
    In this case everything you need is included in the VELscope camera kit:
    it only depends on the lens you want to use. It is important that your lens does not rotate when focusing. We also recommend to use a macro lens. If you want to prevent vignettation (dark corners) you should use a lens with a focal lenght of 90 mm or more. Tell us which lens you are using.
    velscope image   velcope image 105
    50 mm macro lens
    105 mm macro lens
    Everything you need is included in the VELscope camera kit
  3. You already have a digital compact or point and shoot camera.
    In this case it depends on your specific model if it works or not. You may need some additional accessories like adapter tubes, rings or our specific universal adapter rail. In every case you will need an additional macro lenses. Please click on the brand name of your camera in the navigation on the right side to get the compatibilty list. If you do not find your model in the list. Kindly contact us for any assistance.

    We have tested the proper functionality with VELscope on the following cameras:
    Canon A620, Canon A630, Canon A640, Canon A 650 IS
    Canon G7, Canon G9, Canon G10
    Nikon P5000, Nikon P5100, Nikon P6000

    For further cameras the functionality seem to be equivalent to the tested issues but we haven't had the chance of collecting more infornations to other cameras yet. We will do our best to supply more results in the near future.
  velcope camera kit velcope camera kit


How to focus with compact cameras:
  1. Put the measure or paradontic probe next to the area of interest.
  2. Focus on the edge of the prvelscopeobe and press the shutter button halfway.
  3. If the indicator is green and the camera double-beeps - keep pressing the shutter button halfway and recompose the picture as desired. Then press down completely and take the picture.
  4. If the indicator is yellow or red, then release the shutter button, change the distance, focus on the measure and try it again.

Trouble shooting:

1. images too dark?
Please try to use a longer exposure period

2. Images too grainy?
Use a lower ISO settings (800)

3. The depth of field too small?
Try to use a larger f-stop (f 9)

4. Images are too blurry
Check your focusing process
to the manual section - How to focus.

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download manual here

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Check if your camera is compatible with the velscope adapter: choose your camera


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