doctorseyes mirrorsafe

No more fogged mirrors – I’m sure you know this too. The mirror is optimally placed but the shot is still unsuccessful because some areas appear blurred due to the fogging of the mirror.

doctorseyes presents an innovative solution here. Keep your mirrors in our mirrorsafe on. There they are optimally protected and after removal they no longer mist up.

Advantages of the doctorseyes mirrorsafe

Whether on the shelf or in the drawer the doctorseyes mirrorsafe finds a place everywhere.
It not only provides your mirrors with optimum protection, but also keeps them from fogging up during use.

Compared to conventional mirror storage, thanks to the doctorseyes mirrorsafe you no longer have fogged mirrors and thus blurred dental photographs.

  • doctorseyes mirrorsafe 2 (1 large compartment) EU

    doctorseyes presents an innovative solution. Store your mirrors in our doctorseyes mirrorsafe 2. There, they are optimally protected in a large compartment and no longer mist up after being removed.

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doctorseyes mirrorsafe
No more fogged mirrors: