Canon PowerShot G15

When it comes to dental photography, we also recommend Canon’s flagship in the compact class.

There are a number of reasons for this:

1. optimum reproducibility

Fixed zoom positions ensure optimum reproducibility of the images. Depending on the recording type, the camera automatically moves to the correct zoom position. This facilitates the workflow and saves time.

2. clear display and image stabilizer

The 7.11 cm very clear display and the built-in image stabilizer are particularly useful for working on patients. This allows you to hold the camera comfortably and ergonomically correct, while at the same time having direct visual contact with the patient and thus being able to determine the optimal image section without having to look through a camera viewfinder.

3. light weight

Due to the low weight, it is also possible to take pictures with one hand without any problems.

4. auxiliary grid, fixed focus point and precise focusing

The auxiliary grid that can be displayed as an alignment aid for anterior and occlusal overview scans is very practical. Likewise, the focus point of the camera can be fixed, making it easy to focus on a specific tooth. The camera also offers many professional features for private photography. Motion Detection technology ensures precise focus and exposure for fast-moving subjects. In addition, the camera offers a mode for full manual control and thus a lot of design freedom for creative experimentation. It is also possible to save images in RAW format. For example, you can subsequently correct an incorrect white balance.

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    Canon's flagship in the compact class - Our recommendation when it comes to dental photography.

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